Quality Bridal Party Gifts

Our brides constantly ask us for great gift ideas for their bridal party. With so many online outlets available for gifts ordering can be easy and choices are endless, but how do you know you are getting quality goods? In the past we have hesitated to really endorse any online gift suppliers because we couldn’t truly vouch for their products. Recently, though Groovy Guy Gifts and Bridesmaids Gift Boutique allowed us to sample two great products customized for me and Bryan. And let me tell you they are the real deal!

Both gifts came beautifully customized, packaged perfectly to avoid damage, and the items themselves were amazing quality. You could even smell the fresh wood when opening Bryan’s unique gift box. The best part though is that they are gifts we actually wanted to use and were immediately excited about!

Groomsmen Gift Idea 05

Mine was a custom tumbler with my name in rose gold script (my favorite!). I’ve used it almost daily since I got it. It keeps my ice water cold and my coffee hot. You can feel the quality of it too! It’s sturdy, has some weight to it, and doesn’t leak. It definitely was not flimsy or cheaply made. The vinyl was beautifully metallic, cut to perfection, and held up with my constant tossing, grabbing, and shoving into bags. Personally, I carried it along to the gym, client meetings, and for long drives but it’s also perfect for the morning of the wedding while you’re getting ready. I did hand wash it because I was nervous of the vinyl coming off and it is all still perfectly in tact a few weeks later. You can grab your own here!

Customized bridesmaid gift idea
Customized tumbler bridesmaid gift
Custom bridesmaid tumbler

Bryan’s gift was a custom made wood box with groomsmen expertly burnt into it. Inside it contained a pocket knife and shot glass. This was good stuff! As I said, you could smell the fresh wood when you opened it up which made it even more exciting. The items inside were high quality and desirable gifts guys love - a pocket knife and shot glass. Bryan carries a pocket knife with him or in his car daily for convenience so he was all about receiving a customized one. It was well made, sturdy, and beautiful wood. The shot glass, which was etched with his name, was a thick sturdy glass and a good size for a manly shot or two before the wedding. You can purchase this gift box for your groomsmen here!

Customized Wood Groomsmen Gift Box
Customized groomsmen knife and shot glass
Custom groomsmen knife and shot glass

We especially loved the gifts because they are things we wanted to keep using. They aren’t bridal party gifts that only get use the day of the wedding which is money well spent. All the gifts on the website are at reasonable price points as well.

Below you can find some more popular gifts from Groovy Guy Gifts and Bridesmaids Gift Boutique with links directly to their site.

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